A trader is said to have a commitment when he assumes the obligation to accept or make delivery on a futures contract. Related: Open interest

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commitment com‧mit‧ment [kəˈmɪtmənt] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] a promise to do something or to behave in a particular way:

• He's made a commitment to improve the quality of life for people in Gloucestershire.

commitment to

• a commitment to equal pay and opportunities

conˌtractual comˈmitment [countable, uncountable] LAW
a commitment to do something that is made legal by being included in the terms of a contract:

• Do not be afraid to seek professional advice before making a contractual commitment.

2. [uncountable] the hard work and loyalty that someone gives to an organization or activity:

• Sue will be greatly missed for her enthusiasm and commitment.

contractual commitment to

• The Group's success is a direct result of commitment by staff to high standards of service.

3. [countable] something that you have to do that prevents you from doing something else:

• Mr Reid has a previous commitment and is unable to attend the meeting.

• part time work for people with family commitments

4. [countable] an amount of money that you have to pay regularly and that prevents you from spending your money on other things:

• A mortgage may be the largest financial commitment you will make in your life.

5. [uncountable] the use of money, time, people etc for a particular purpose:

• The plan involves commitment of large amounts of money and staff time.

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commitment UK US /kəˈmɪtmənt/ noun
[C or U] a promise or firm decision to do something, or the fact of promising something: »

He was encouraged by the commitment of car manufacturers to improving dealer profitability.


The mayor also pleaded for a commitment to the city's request for $250 million in federal funds.


We will set an example to the rest of the public sector and business by making a commitment to buy recycled goods.


a strong/firm commitment


We can arrange for you to trial the equipment without commitment to buy.

[C or U] an amount of money that you have to pay, or the fact of promising to pay: »

It is unclear whether the regulator can force a foreign firm to honour its UK pension commitments.


We believe that a commitment of $25 million is a good investment for our policyholders.

[U] the fact of being willing to give your time and energy to something: »

He argued that an organization's communications are crucial in influencing staff understanding and commitment.


She is very bright, but she lacks commitment.

[C] something that you must do or deal with that takes your time: »

Jury service is a public duty that many of us would like to avoid, because of work or family commitments.

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